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Linda Allard is the president of NEMT.

Does your email fit your reader?

I need to start this blog by admitting that I don’t like to write.  It is not one of those things that comes easily, and I spend a lot of time rereading or thinking of how to start what I … Continue reading

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Auditing as a management tool

As part of our HIPAA requirements, we must do a security assessment of our systems and procedures. Audits are part of that security assessment and part of our requirements under HIPAA, but have you ever thought about using the audits … Continue reading

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Here come the HIPAA audits

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) started phase 2 of the HIPAA audit program on March 21, 2016.  Phase 2 will primarily be desk audits but depending on what they find, there will be some on-site audits as well. The … Continue reading

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Medical scribes — from the patient’s perspective

I spent Christmas Eve in the emergency room with my father, which is stressful enough when you think about it. I should mention that my father was 88 years old and suffering from dementia, so just the trip to the … Continue reading

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Communication — from both sides of the healthcare relationship

Lately I have been dealing a lot with difficult medical situations and spending time in different facilities.  My father has been moved from his assisted/independent living facility to a hospital to a rehab facility and, finally, to a memory unit.  … Continue reading

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